I want a sweet ass viking funeral

anywho im Al and this is a doodle blog
i like lots of things and i draw them!! woo
(im here all the time i just don't post often okay okay)
((please use neutral pronouns thanks))

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Holmes struggling w/ whether he should go to that party because yes he was invited but that doesn’t mean they actually want him there and it definitely doesn’t mean he’ll be comfortableand sometimes people invite someone just to be polite and i bet he can see so many reasons. why this would be a bad idea. i bet he turns it over and over in his head trying to make the most sensible decision and im feelin so close 2 this character atm


"you know, she solved you. the mascot."

tv show meme; two/five awesome ladies
→ joan watson, elementary

i found?? the best lipstick of all time?? and my hair looks so good?? what the fuck is going on here

am i gonna apply to this school w/ at least a page full of elementary sketches? u bet. u fuckin bet

lol actually planning my outfit for this dumb party like the dweeb i am

this is my best look tbh
making faces @ the computer, agressive lightning and photobooth. this is it

u know it



the origin of love {hedwig and the angry inch}  i thought you were my boyfriend {the magnetic fields}  too young to be in love {hunx and his punx}  212 {azealia banks}  diplomat’s son {vampire weekend}  unicorn {pegasissy}  transgender dysphoria blues {against me!}  rebel girl {bikini kill}  the soldering life {the decemberists}  gay pirates {cosmo jarvis}  i’ll cover you {rent obc}  what would i do? {falsettoland} he knows i’d love to see him {morrissey}  man enough to be a woman {jayne county & the electric chairs}  tim i wish you were born a girl {of montreal}  good old-fashioned lover boy {queen}  she’s losing it {belle & sebastian}  take a walk on the wild side {lou reed}  papa was a rodeo {the magnetic fields}  sugar daddy {hedwig and the angry inch}  oh! {sleater-kinney}  i wanna hold your hand {t. v. carpio}