im so angry at this dude’s face


houston i have so many problems


The calm before the storm

i wish i could love something simpler than u know? zelda. nintendo things. I wish i could be a fifa fan orrr like GTA please thanks

actually i’d really like GTA i think i jusT CAN AFFORD THE PLATFORM WOW lemme die video games are the worst and the most expensive


Alfredo Barsuglia - Social Pool, 2014

long-term installation on a remote, secret location in the Mojave Desert

i kinda want to read a story now where someone is lst in that desert for days and they find this and they’re just sure it’s a mirage
but then they’re like whatever and they go anyway and years after they’re still like what the fuck. what the frick was that

i just found out Antiviral was on tv!! im so glad i wanted to see this movie 4 three thousand years

im gonna so grossed out i cant wait hell yeh