I want a sweet ass viking funeral

anywho im Al and this is a doodle blog
i like lots of things and i draw them!! woo
(im here all the time i just don't post often okay okay)
((please use neutral pronouns thanks))

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Alfredo Barsuglia - Social Pool, 2014

long-term installation on a remote, secret location in the Mojave Desert

i kinda want to read a story now where someone is lst in that desert for days and they find this and they’re just sure it’s a mirage
but then they’re like whatever and they go anyway and years after they’re still like what the fuck. what the frick was that

Aug 28 2014

i just found out Antiviral was on tv!! im so glad i wanted to see this movie 4 three thousand years

im gonna so grossed out i cant wait hell yeh


Rally to bring justice for Michael Brown, Furguson, Mo. Times Square. 
We have to stop the race-based violence and discrimination. It’s senseless and awful. We are all brothers and sisters, and we owe it to each other to treat each other as such. 




bow down to a mothafuckin QUEEN when you see one

And Iggy got what? 2 singles that aint never been #1 but is somehow the “queen” of rap. FUCK OUTTA HERE.

holy fuck im so cute today?? im gonna send a snapchat 2 everyone i know yes. ye


nicki minaj if youre reading this please push me down a flight of stairs

does anybody know if drake is still alive


I am so sweaty right now